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Hi guys! 

Watch this space as this year we have some pretty exciting things lined up!

From networking to stock pitch competitions and pub quizzes.

Whether your more into the social aspect or serious CV building, we will have something for you to get involved in! Sign up to be a member here to keep updated.




In 2018 OFAS ran a number of very successful Case Competitions. These events give participants, in teams of 4, the opportunity to; learn how to analyse the fundamentals of a business, develop a corporate strategy, and deliver a pitch to a selection of highly experienced judges. Given the overwhelmingly positive response we garnered from these events we are looking forward to running them again in 2019.



The fundamentals of the corporate world ensure that networking is as relevant today as it has ever been, if not more. From helping our Member’s to develop their LinkedIn profiles to hosting catered networking evenings, OFAS ensures that its Members remain well connected in New Zealand’s Finance and Accounting Industries.



Inspired by the Society, a number of our Members have sought related experience further afield. Notably, our President Harry Munro-Clark who attended the European Microfinance Week conference in Luxembourg. Gaining many industry connections and developing a better understanding of the corporate world, Munro-Clark described the event as “a fundamentally inspiring experience”. Additionally, Zach Ryan, our Treasurer, recently completed a consultancy based internship in Wellington.



Maintaining a healthy work life balance is a central ethos at the Society, so we like to socialise when the opportunity arises. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this aspect of this society.

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